• Garnet Series

    1. Sandblasting

    2. Water jet cutting

    3. Water filtration Polishing

  • Sandblasting Machine& Accessories


    Sandblasting room

  • Water jet cutting machine& Accessories



    Water jet cutting machine

  • Sandblasting Medias

    1.Brown Alumina Oxide

    2.Glass beads

    3.Steel shot

  • Silica Sands

    1.Water filtration

    2.Quartz plate

  • MORE+

  • JIANGSU LM MINING CO., LTD. was incorporated in Lianyungang city,  Jiangsu Province, China since 2007.  It is a mining and production company responsible for natural mineral “Garnet”. Currently,  we have 3 mines totaling 6 million Tons......

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